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Van den Ban introduces the new and improved ORDERING APP: download it now!

Van den Ban is developing and so is the service to you. In order to serve you even better we have developed a new ORDERING APP which is now available for download. The new app allows you to place your orders even faster and easier. Also additional features have been added in the new app that allow you to quickly look up, retrieve or receive information via messages. The new ordering app is of course suitable for the widely used platforms iOS and Android and can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Attention! Our old app will remain operational for another 14 days but we advise you to switch to the new app as soon as possible!



  • Improved and expanded search functions
  • Easier navigation and therefore more user-friendly
  • Better overview of all your orders
  • 24/7the correct stock available
  • Easy tire ordering via mobile & tablet
  • Quicker contact with a department of your choice 

Downloading the new app is very easy and can be done via the QR code below.

Van den Ban at EquipAuto

In October, the automotive industry gathers in Paris for Paris Automotive week. The international trade fair EQUIP AUTO is part of this event and will take place from 18 – 22 October.

You will find Van den Ban at EQUIP AUTO, pavilion 2, stand 2.1 B 0.67. During the fair, the ties with (inter)national contacts can finally be strengthened and that is exactly what Van den Ban is counting on. Their French sales team is ready to welcome their client contacts with open arms and meet new prospects. 

Of course, the private labels Novex & Goldline and the exclusive brands Hifly, Aplus, Gripmax, Maxxis and Petlas will be represented.

EQUIP AUTO will be held from 18 to 22 October in Paris, Porte de Versailles. You can visit the fair daily from 09.00 – 18.00 and on Saturday from 09.00 – 17.00.  You will find Van den Ban in pavilion 2, stand 2.1 B 0.67.

Van den Ban at The Tire Cologne 2022

THE TIRE COLOGNE 2022 is the first opportunity for the global tyre industry to come together since the introduction of restrictions as a result of the coronavirus. From 24 to 26 May, the international industry will meet at this leading trade fair.

During the trade fair, the bonds with (inter)national contacts can finally be strengthened and that is exactly what Van den Ban is counting on. The international (native speaking) sales team is ready to welcome its industry contacts with open arms and meet new ones.  On an inviting island stand of 189 m2, visitors will find various seating areas that have been specially set up to allow for a personal conversation. 

Naturally, the private labels Novex and Goldline, the exclusive brands Hifly and Gripmax and the budget brand Aplus will be represented.

THE TIRE COLOGNE can be visited daily from 24 – 26 May from 10.00 – 18.00. You can find Van den Ban in hall 7 – stand C.021 – B.020

Your partner in summer & all-season tyres!

Competitively priced summer and all-season tyres that are delivered to you quickly and accurately? You can count on us. With an extensive & optimised assortment, we are ready for you. We offer you a wide range of premium and quality brands and there are various great developments within our own brands.

HIFLY | Extended range

We have been the proud, exclusive distributor of budget brand Hifly for more than 12 years. Hifly combines an immense range of summer, winter and all season tyres with excellent value for money. Currently, the extensive Hifly range consists of over 450 SKUs for passenger cars, SUVs, 4×4s, vans, caravans and trailers.

GRIPMAX | SureGrip Pro Sport UHP

We have been the proud, exclusive distributor of budget brand Hifly for more than 12 years. Hifly combines an immense range of summer, winter and all season tyres with excellent value for money. Currently, the extensive Hifly range consists of over 450 SKUs for passenger cars, SUVs, 4×4s, vans, caravans and trailers.

The latest summer tyre is the SureGrip Pro Sport for UHP vehicles. This tyre has a sporty and modern profile and is available in more than 40 SKUs in 18 to 22 inches, this will be expanded to 130 SKUs. The SureGrip Pro Sport has excellent label values and has a label value of A for ‘wet grip’.

NOVEX | The best alternative

The ‘flag brand’ of VDB is the private brand Novex (economy). Novex has a strong range of summer and all-season tyres for passenger cars, SUVs/4×4s and delivery vans, caravans and trailers.

Our latest addition: gripmax suregrip pro sport (uhp)

Gripmax is VDB’s exclusieve budgetmerk in het SUV en 4×4 segment. Gripmax blinkt uit in het SUV & 4×4 segment. De combinatie van het brede assortiment en de uitstekende prijs-kwaliteitverhouding, maakt Gripmax een zeer interessant merk in deze nichemarkt.

Onlangs is het merk uitgebreid met een gloednieuwe zomerband. De SureGrip Pro Sport voor ultra-high-performance voertuigen is onze nieuwste aanwinst.

Daarnaast is een uniek profiel aan dit sportieve label toegevoegd: de Inception A/T. Een all-season band met een lange levensduur. De Inception A/T is de eerste all-terrain band in dit prijssegment die voorzien is van het 3PMSF symbool en en dus officieel aanvaard is als all-season band.

De SureGrip Pro Sport in het kort:

  • Sportief & modern UHP profiel
  • Beschikbaar in meer dan 40 SKU’s in 18 t/m 22 inch
  • Wordt uitgebreid naar meer dan 130 SKU’s!
  • Uitstekende labelwaarde die de kwaliteit van de banden weergeven
  • Grip op nat wegdek: A

The Inception A/T

  • Robuuste all-season band, perfect voor elk terrein
  • Beschikbaar in 25 SKU’s in 15 t/m 20 inch
  • Biedt goede off-road grip in natte en besneeuwde omstandigheden
  • Voorzien van 3PMSF symbool

Ons totale Gripmax zomer-, winter- en all-season assortiment is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot maar liefst 9 profielen en meer dan 200 SKU’s in 10 t/m 22 inch. Het goede nieuws: wij blijven het merk continu door ontwikkelen.

Grabber at3 from general tire as original equipment for ford ranger raptor

General Tire celebrates another original equipment success. The Ford Ranger Raptor is now exclusively fitted as standard with the award-winning all-terrain General Grabber AT3 tyre.

The Grabber AT3 is a robust all-terrain tyre for year-round use in the SUV/4×4 segments. The high-performance off-road pickup from Ford features a specially developed, motorsport-friendly chassis, the special qualities of which come into play at high speeds away from paved roads in particular. Like all vehicle manufacturers, Ford defines a wide range of specific requirements, which the Grabber AT3 more than met during intensive testing – including grip performance in wet and dry conditions, noise generation, mileage, reliability and stability.

About the Grabber AT3
The popular summer tyre Grabber AT3 is a tyre with exceptional qualities both on and off road and in all weather conditions. With the Grabber AT3 you’ll go off-road with confidence. And if that’s not enough, the Grabber AT3 offers maximum comfort on the road, thanks to the optimized tread blocks that create a smooth interaction with the road surface. The tyre features M+S marking and 3PMSF symbol. The Grabber AT3 is available in 41 different SKUs in 15 to 22 inches.

Ford Ranger Raptor
The Ranger Raptor is built for the global market in Silverton, South Africa. The vehicle is equipped with the size LT 285/70 R17 116/113 S tyre in a robust light truck specification with additional reinforcement for special load capacity. This new size was added to the existing Grabber AT3 range during the development process with Ford and is now also available from the aftermarket. The tyres are produced at the Continental Tyre South Africa plant in Port Elizabeth.

General Tire
Founded in 1915, the General Tire brand, which falls under the umbrella of Continental, now has more than 100 years of experience in the tyre industry. ”We continue to regularly test, measure and adjust our tyres throughout their life. The use of the latest and most advanced technologies ensures that we continue to optimize the safety and quality of our tyres,” General Tire said.

General Tire offers a complete range of summer, winter and all-season tyres for passenger cars, 4x4s, SUVs and vans.

More brand and assortment information can be found on the website: