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Logistic tyre center

In 2009, Van den Ban opened a state-of-the-art warehouse in Hellevoetsluis. This warehouse has allowed us to grow and expand the number of stock keeping unit (SKUs). Due to the high level of automation, the tyres almost automatically find their way to the transport vehicles, which are ready to transport the tyres to the clients. The Logistic Tyre Centre is controlled by a highly advanced Warehouse Management System, with accuracy and speed being the references. Loading is done more efficiently, allowing us to improve our service towards our clients. That shows our company’s ambition.


Recently we also purchased a new building for the storage of truck tyres. To us as a tyre wholesaler, space is very important. At our headquarters we have a storage capacity of about 1.5 million tyres. The space combined with our service ensures that our clients no longer have to invest in large stocks. We can take care of your stock.