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Private labels

We are proud of our two successful private brands Novex (economy) & Goldline (budget). These brands have extensive ranges in summer, winter and all season tyres for passenger cars, SUVs/4×4s and light trucks, caravans and trailers. Above all, these brands offer our customers the opportunity to distinguish themselves.

Goldline tyres

Kwaliteitsbanden voor een budgetprijs

The slogan ‘Quality tyres at a budget price’ includes everything our private brand Goldline stands for: affordable tyres with excellent quality.

Goldline offers:

  • Modern summer, winter and all season tyres (with 3PMSF)
  • Complete assortment for passenger cars, SUVs, 4×4s and light trucks/caravans/trailers
  • Extensive range of sizes: approximately 200 sizes, in 12 to 19 inches
  • Good value for money
  • Reliable producer
  • International brand

Novex tyres

Novex… the best alternative

With Novex we offer our customers and the end user ‘the best alternative’. With this short slogan we express in a few words what our private brand has to offer: high quality at an attractive price.

Novex stands for:

  • Summer, winter and all season tyres (with 3PMSF)
  • Passenger car, SUV and light truck tyres
  • Very complete assortment: approximately 150 sizes, in 13 to 18 inches
  • Excellent value for money
  • Produced by a renowned Asian tyre manufacturer (top 10 worldwide)
  • Tyre replacement plan

Interested in our private brands Novex & Goldline?

We will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. Feel free to contact us at