Features & benefits

Federal’s eco-van tire engineered to meet the needs of everyday commercial use. Engineered to withstand higher loading capacity. A combination of design, durability, and value all-in-one.

  • New tread design for long tread life.
  • Improved tire specifically designed for commercial purposes,which also provides high mileage.
  • Deep grooves deliver excellent braking on wet surfaces.

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Sizes Li/Si Fuel efficiency Wet grip Noise dB Noise Level
215/80-14 112Q E E 75 3
195/75-16 110R E E 75 3
205/75-16 110R G C 75 3
205/70-15 106S E E 75 3
215/75-16 116R E E 75 3
215/70-15 109R E E 75 3

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