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VDB: your supplier in summer and all season tyres

Do you need a tyre supplier that offers you summer and all season tyres with competitive prices, excellent availability and fast and accurate deliveries? International tyre importer and distributor Van den Ban Group (VDB) can be that reliable partner. With a total stock of 1.5 million tyres and over 10.000 different SKU’s, VDB offers you […]

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VDB: “We fully support our customers during the winter season”

International tyre importer and distributor Van den Ban Group (VDB) will support its customers during the coming hectic winter period. VDB does not only offer an extensive assortment, good availability and competitive prices. They offer their customers the ‘complete package’. The Dutch tyre distributor is totally prepared for the season. The winter and all season […]

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VDB is present @ The Tire Cologne 2018

Van den Ban Group (VDB) likes to welcome you on their booth during the most interesting tyre exhibition in Europe. What can you expect? An impressive 2-floor booth of 200sqm, a team of professional native speakers and all ins and outs about private budget label Goldline. But this international tyre distributor offers much more. The […]

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