Tough all-terrain tyre designed with an aggressive, self-cleaning tread pattern that provides off-road traction, durability plus an impressive on-road performance. The Gripmax A/T is ideal for part-time 4X4 enthusiasts where who don’t want to change their tyres when having off road fun. The resistance to Impact Breacks and Bruising is superior.

Features & benefits

  • The aggressive all-terrain design is engineered to provide outstanding performance in both on-road and off-road driving applications. The GRIPMAX A/T tread pattern exploits a combination of features specifically suited to provide solid all-terrain performance, superior all-season traction, excellent stability, confident handling and reliable tread wear.
  • The molds used to manufacture the GRIPMAX A/T incorporate a venting technology that eliminates micro-vents in the tread area. This ventless technology provides a crisp, clean, premium appearance.
  • The tread compound is formulated with a chemically coupled silica and carbon black mixture that provides excellent wet traction and handling on the highway, while also improving cut and chip resistance in more harsh rocky and gravel terrain. The silica enriched tread compound has lower rolling resistance than traditional full carbon black tread compounds.
  • Serrated steps in the lateral grooves of the intermediate tread rib reduces the chance of stone retention and stone drilling.
  • The dual draft angles on the tread element walls aid in reducing stone retention, stone drilling and assist in cut and chip resistance.
  • Variable Density Nylon Technology Nylon is strategically positioned and applied in a manner to resist flat spotting for improved ride quality and a balanced, even tread wear for longer tread life.

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Sizes Li/Si Fuel efficiency Wet grip Noise dB Noise Level
215/70-16 100T E C 73 2
215/75-15 100S E C 73 2
225/70-16 103T E C 73 2
225/75-16 108T XL E C 75 2
225/75-15 102S E C 73 2
235/70-17 108T E C 74 2
235/70-16 106T E C 73 2
235/75-15 109T XL E C 73 2
245/70-17 110T E C 73 2
245/70-16 111T XL E C 73 2
245/75-16 111T E C 73 2
255/70-16 111T E C 73 2
265/70-17 115T E C 73 3
265/70-16 112T E C 74 2
265/75-16 116S E C 74 2
275/70-16 114T E C 74 2
215/65-16 98T E C 73 3
225/65-17 102T E C 73 2
235/65-17 104T E C 73 2
245/65-17 107T XL E C 73 2
255/60-18 112H E C 73 2
255/65-17 110T E C 74 2
255/65-16 109T E C 73 2
265/60-18 110T E C 74 2
265/65-17 112T E C 74 2
285/60-18 120T XL E C 73 2
275/45-20 110H E C 73 3

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