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18 Settembre 2019

New in our assortment: Cooper® Discoverer All Season

New in our Cooper assortment: Cooper® Discoverer All Season for passenger cars and SUV’s

Cooper Tire Europe introduces the new Discoverer All Season tyre to its range, designed to deliver reliable traction in unpredictable weather all year round.

Developed in Europe specifically for European roads, the new Discoverer All Season comes in a wide range of sizes and is severe weather rated, displaying the trusted three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol on its sidewall. The Discoverer All Season offers high levels of grip over a wide temperature range, due to the incorporation of the latest all-season silica and resin technology.

Attaining a B-label grade for wet braking, both lateral 3D siping and grooves in the tyre provide effective water evacuation. An interlocking centre rib also helps to avoid aquaplaning and assists maintaining steering response. An optimised tread block sequence reduces the noise generated by contact with the road (to 71db), and the refined construction ensures a quiet and comfortable ride to suit all conditions.

This all-new tyre has been built to last and to deliver superior wear results. With durable compounds and advanced construction delivering an even footprint, the Discoverer All Season provides 20 percent plus better tyre life than an established competitor, as demonstrated in recent independent tests*. We have this profile now available in 16-18 inch.

Cooper Tire Europe Marketing Director Michiel Kramer, said, “The Cooper Discoverer All Season is an important new addition to our product offering, as all-season tyres become more popular and relevant to drivers within Europe. This is an exciting development for us in terms of increasing our already diverse product portfolio, designed to give drivers confidence on the road and tyres that are built to last.”

Cooper Discoverer All Season Sidewall           Discoverer-All-Season-sidewall

Cooper already added the 4×4 all season Discoverer AT3 4S OWL, 50% ON Road – 50% OFF Road, available in 15-20 inch, to the assortment successfully. When Cooper asked their safety and performance ambassador David Coulthard his professional opinion about the Cooper® Discoverer All Season he confirmed Cooper’s mission: “In changing weather conditions, the Discoverer All Season is equipped to provide confidence throughout the whole year.”

David Coulthard