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For over 100 years, Kleber has built its reputation on a rule of three: reliability, safety and proximity. Three great virtues which make this brand, known throughout Europe, one of the market leaders and the partner of the major car manufacturers and apply to the whole KLEBER range. Kleber tyres are fitted on all types of vehicle and guarantee drivers safety and peace of mind. Kleber is a French manufacturer, who in 2010 celebrated a century since its creation in Paris. This brand's history is fundamentally bound to strong events in the historical development of the tyre. In 1951 Kleber the revolutionised the tyre industry by creating the first tyre to incorporate an inner tube. Their tyres consistently meet three core demands of safety, durability and elegance. Kleber constantly striving to improve their tyres, and most recently created a new water draining system, applied to modern tread patterned tyres, the Dynaxer DR.