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30 October 2020

We are your partner in winter and all season tyres!

Competitively priced winter and all season tyres that are delivered to you quickly and accurately? You can count on us this winter season. We have expanded & optimized our assortment and are ready for you during this busy period.We offer a wide range of premium and quality brands and there are several great developments within our own brands.

Armstrong | new: ultra modern winter tyres

Last year we proudly re-introduced quality brand Armstrong in Europe. Newest addition: a range ultra modern winter tyres. The patterns SKI-TRAC PC (PCR) and SKI-TRAC HP (UHP) are available at short notice in more than 30 sizes in 13” up to 19”.

Armstrong’s all season range has already proven to be very successful, the patterns BLU-TRAC PC Flex and TRU-TRAC SU Flex are in stock in 25 popular sizes, ranging from 14” up to 19”. All winter and all season tyres are marked with the 3PMSF symbol. Additionally TBR tyres are expected to be in stock by the end of 2020.

One of the best arguments to buy Armstrong: all tyres are equipped with the TUFF 360 Warranty covering a Road Hazard Replacement program, a Mileage Warranty and 30-days Money Back. We have prepared a special Armstrong support program to help you introduce the brand into your market and expand your business. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and assistance.

Aplus | new: A909

We recently have a new Aplus all season pattern in stock: the A909. A tyre that stands for durability, safety and performance. The A909 is available in 60 sizes, in 13” up to 18” and is marked with the 3PMSF symbol.

The total Aplus winter and all season range consists of more than 100 sizes for PCR, SUV and LT.

Petlas | new: PT565

Since September we have a brand new Petlas all season pattern in stock: the Multi Action PT565. With an extensive range of 30 sizes in 14” up to 18” and 3PMSF symbol, it is a great addition to the Petlas range.

In total we have more than 200 Petlas winter and all season sizes in stock for PCR, SUV, 4×4 and LT.

Gripmax | improved EU labeling

Budget brand Gripmax excels in winter and all season tyres for SUVs en 4x4s. The winter range includes two modern patterns; Pro Winter and Stature M/S which are available in more than 130 sizes in 16” up to 20”.

We recently introduced a new Gripmax all season tyre: Suregrip A/S. This durable tyre with unique V-shaped pattern is in stock in 55 sizes, ranging from 13” up to 22” (with 3PMSF).

In addition the Gripmax winter and all season tyres have an improved EU labeling. Significant progress has been made in terms of wet grip and rolling resistance. A number of sizes of the Suregrip A/S even score a ‘B’ value for both criteria. This new labeling reflects the good quality of Gripmax.

Goldline | winter & all season tyres for a budget price

Our private label Goldline offers two popular winter patterns: GLW1 (PCR) and Gltw91 (LT). In addition, the all season tyres GL 4season (PCR) and GL 4season LT (LT), both with 3PMSF symbol, complete the range. The total Goldline winter and all season assortment includes more than 115 sizes in 13” up to 20”.

Hifly | extensive range

For more than 10 years we have been the proud exclusive distributor of budget brand Hifly. Hifly combines an immense range of winter and all season tyres, which we are continuously expanding, with an excellent price-quality ratio. At the moment the extensive winter and all season range consists of no less than 160 sizes for PCR, SUV and LT.