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28 January 2019

VDB: specialist in LT tyres

International tyre distributor Van den Ban Group (VDB) offers their customers, as part of their complete assortment, an extensive range in light truck tyres. VDB’s private labels Novex (quality) and Goldline (budget), both offer several LT patterns in summer and all season.

Novex: new → All Season LT
VDB has a perfect start of the year with its private label Novex. They expand their assortment with a new all season pattern: the Novex All Season LT. With this addition VDB responds to the increasing demand in this segment.
This new durable tyre, which is marked with the M+S and 3PMSF-symbol, is available in 12 sizes in 15’’ and 16’’ (195/70R15C up to 225/75R16C).

TTN_Novex All Season LTFurthermore, Novex offers a popular light truck summer tyre: the Van Speed 2. This tyre is available in 15 sizes, ranging from 13’’ up to 16’’.

Goldline: quality LT tyres for a budget price
Budget private label Goldline, manufactured by Hifly, offers a complete range of summer and all season LT tyres as well. The summer tyre glv-1 and all season tyre GL4season LT (marked with M+S and 3PMSF-symbol) are great assets in VDB’s assortment, due to their good price-quality ratio and availability in more than 25 sizes.

Besides these private labels, VDB has a major range of LT sizes available in premium, quality and budget brands. Additional advantages: they offer weekly deliveries and directs shipments are also a possibility.

VDB’s Sales department will be happy to provide you with more information about their assortment and additional services.