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19 January 2019

VDB: your supplier in summer and all season tyres

Do you need a tyre supplier that offers you summer and all season tyres with competitive prices, excellent availability and fast and accurate deliveries? International tyre importer and distributor Van den Ban Group (VDB) can be that reliable partner.

With a total stock of 1.5 million tyres and over 10.000 different SKU’s, VDB offers you a complete range in summer and all season tyres. With an assortment consisting of premium, quality, exclusive and budget brands, they cover all different price segment. Additionally, VDB has two successful private labels: Novex and Goldline.

Novex: new → All Season LT
VDB has a perfect start of the year with its private label Novex. They expand their assortment with a new all season pattern for light truck: the Novex All Season LT. This new durable tyre, which is marked with the M+S and 3PMSF-symbol, is available in 12 popular sizes in 15 and 16 inch (195/70R15C up to 225/75R16C).

Novex offers an all season tyre for PCR as well, which is available in more than 50 sizes, ranging from 13 up to 18 inch. Also several summer tyres for PCR, UHP and LT are included in the assortment. The total summer range consists of more than 75 sizes. And to complete it, the range also consists of a full range in winter tyres.

Budget private label Goldline, manufactured by Hifly, offers a complete range of modern summer and all season patterns (marked with 3PMSF-symbol) for PCR, UHP and LT ranging from 12 up to 19 inch. Goldline’s slogan defines where the brand stands for: ‘Quality tyres for a budget price’. This brand is a great asset in VDB’s assortment, due to its  good price-quality ratio and availability in more than 120 sizes.

Additional advantages
Besides their extensive assortment, VDB has more to offer. Important parts of their full service are fast and accurate deliveries both with parcels as well as weekly tours with their own transport fleet. Due to the modern E-commerce and app, their customers are 24/7 able to keep their stock levels up-to-date in a fast and convenient way. Additionally, VDB supports its customers with extensive marketing support and IT-solutions.

Do you want VDB to become Your Total Tyre Supplier? Their  sales department will be happy to provide you with more information about their assortment and additional services.