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13 October 2020

Further expansion Armstrong range: ultra modern winter tyres

We expanded our Armstrong assortment with a range of ultra modern winter tyres. Tyres of which we are very proud! The new patterns have been developed & tested with the utmost care.

The range consists of a winter tyre for PCR, the SKI-TRAC PC and for UHP, the SKI-TRAC HP. These innovative winter tyres are specially designed to withstand European winters.


Available in 22 sizes, ranging from 13 up to 16 inch. With 3PMSF-symbol.


Available in 12 sizes, ranging from 16 up to 19 inch. With 3PMSF-symbol.

Extensively tested

The new winter tyres have been extensively tested for braking, handling and acceleration under different driving conditions, including snow and ice and at different temperatures. Some notable EU label results from the SKI-TRAC HP: “B” rating for rolling resistance and “C” rating for wet grip.

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