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02 February 2021

Also available from now on: Armstrong truck tyres!

Our exclusive brand Armstrong is constantly evolving. We are proud of our latest expansion: a wide range of truck tyres. With Armstrong’s entry into the TBR segment, we want together with you, further strengthen the position of the brand in the market.

Cutting-edge patterns with impressive labeling

The Armstrong TBR assortment:

• 9 modern patterns & 23 popular sizes | first sizes already in stockExtra load specs in key sizes
• Steer, drive, trailer & all position
• All applications: long haul, regional haul, mixed service (on/off) and urban
• All patterns are marked with the M+S en 3PMSF symbol

These high-quality tyres are engineered with casing integrity that will withstand multiple retreads, increasing the life of every tyre.

The labeling in terms of rolling resistance, wet grip and pass by noise are very positive. A number of patterns even score a ‘B’ for wet grip, which is an impressive result.

TUFF HAUL Warranty

The TBR tyres are backed by Armstrong’s unique Built to Last – TUFF HAUL warranty program that includes 6 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Read more on the website:

More than truck tyres

Previously, we introduced an extensive range of Armstrong summer, winter and all season tyres for PCR, SUV and LT. With a total size range of over 170 sizes, in 13 up to 20 inch. We have received many positive reactions about these tyres. Therefore we also have full confidence in the TBR range.

Want to use our support?

We have set up a special support program to help you introduce Armstrong to your market. We are happy to help you! Of course you can also contact us for other questions.