Important announcements regarding the European tyre label.

In this article:

  1. Change of the (physical) tyre label
  2. EPREL (European Product Database for Energy Labelling)
  3. Changes to the information duty in commercial (sales) communications
  4. FAQ
  5. Technical consequences
    1. What will change for orders via our e-commerce?
    2. What will change for orders via an Export file connection?

As of 01.May.2021, the European tyre label will change drastically on the basis of renewed and stricter European legislation (Regulation (EU) 2020/740).

With this information, we would like to inform you about these upcoming changes (as now included in the renewed legislation). These extensive changes will have a major impact on your duty of information towards the end user.

1 ] Change of the (physical) tyre label

Tyres that are placed  on the market as of 01.May.2021 (unless produced before 01.May.2021) must be provided with the new tyre label.

The most important changes to the physical label are listed below.

  • Addition of a QR code with link to the EPREL (European Product Database for Energy Labelling). This is a newly developed European database in which all extensive product data per tyre must be listed. This database is freely accessible to every consumer for inspection and/or consultation.
  • Reclassification label values A to E (previously A to G). Class D is taken into use (before May 1st this class was not used).
  • Addition of pictograms for performance on heavy snow and icy conditions.
  • Addition of boxes with ‘supplier’ and ‘tyre model identifier’ (product code).
  • Sound waves will be replaced by ‘ABC’ rating when displaying the noise level (external rolling noise).
  • The tyre label will now also be mandatory for truck tyres, class C3 (this was not the case until now).

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2 ] EPREL (European Product Database for Energy Labelling)

In order to provide consumers with clear, transparent and regulated product information and to ensure uniform data provision by manufacturers, suppliers are required to register all tyres produced after 25. June.2020 in the EPREL.

The necessary QR codes for inclusion on tyre labels will be generated from the EPREL, together with the compulsory Product Information Sheet.

For our own and exclusive brands we act as suppliers (manufacturer) and take care of the registration in the EPREL for these brands. For the other brands, this is taken care of by the manufacturers themselves.

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3 ] Changes to the information duty in commercial (sales) communications

The changes involve extensive and compulsory changes in the communication to the end user. Only when the tyre brand is communicated as a brand (branding), there is no obligation to mention a tyre label. In visual advertisements about a range of tyres and not just a specific type, the tyre label does not have to be shown. In all other cases this obligation exists.

When a specific tyre is offered for sale (brand, profile, tyre size and possibly price indication) the most recent tyre label must always be displayed. This applies to all means of communication, both online and offline! In all your sales activities with physical price lists and/or via your website or webshop, a tyre label must therefore be displayed for each tyre, per version (brand, type, size). The extensive product information sheet will also has to be available on request.

This also applies to all marketing activities at product level. Examples brochures, flyers, advertisements, technical product sheets, etc. Again, the only exception is when the band is communicated as a brand (branding). For example: Point of Sales material with general tyre information about the tyre brand.

Suppliers and distributors must also include on their websites, where relevant: a statement indicating that tyres with ice grip are specifically designed for ice and roads with packed snow, that they should only be used in very severe weather conditions (e.g. low temperatures) and that the use of tyres with ice grip in less severe weather conditions (e.g. precipitation or higher temperatures) may lead to reduced performance, in particular concerning wet grip, handling and wear.

Suppliers shall also make the following available on their websites:

  • a link to the relevant Commission webpage dedicated to this Regulation.
  • an explanation of the pictograms printed on the tyre label.
  • a statement highlighting the fact that actual fuel savings and road safety depend heavily on the behavior of drivers, and in particular on the following:
    • eco-driving can significantly reduce fuel consumption;
    • tyre pressures need to be regularly checked to optimise fuel efficiency and wet grip;
    • stopping distances must always be respected.

At the point of sale, the tyre label (as provided by the manufacturer) must be displayed in a clearly visible and fully legible location on the tyre and the product information sheet must also be readily available (in digital or print format) upon request.

If tyres offered for sale are not physically present or visible to the end user at the time of sale, a copy of the tyre label must be provided prior to sale. This includes tyres that are to be ordered specifically for a customer.

The obligation to always state the label values on the sales invoice will lapse as of 01.May.2021. The new legislation obliges you to show / hand over the label values to the consumer before the final sale.

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4 ] FAQ

  • “As a seller, will you only receive tyres with new labels (physical) as of 01.May.2021?”
    Only tyres first placed on the EU market as of 1 May 2021 will have the new label. tiyes that were in circulation before this date will have the current tyre label.So it is certainly possible that a customer buys a tyre with the ‘old label values’ and when consulting the EPREL sees the new values. Due to the reclassification it may therefore appear that the customer has received a tyre with worse label values than those stated on the tyre when it was sold. This is not correct. The consumer has received the correct tyre. The tyre delivers exactly the same performance (D-C), but has an outdated label.
  • “Will the current physical tyre label be declared invalid as of 1 May 2021”?
     No. tyres placed on the market before 1 May 2021 will have the current tyre label which will still be valid, due to the date of availability to the trade.
  • Will the current tyre labels, as of 1 May 2021, still be shown (online) for tyres produced before 1 May 2021?
    ”No. If tyres are placed on the market before May 1, 2021, the tyres will indeed carry the current label physically, but for (online) correspondence the new label will be communicated.
  • Are tyres without a physical label suitable for sale after 01.May.2021?
    Yes, as long as the tyre label is easily retrievable / made available, tyres without a physical label (e.g. by getting lost in transport/warehousing processes) will still be suitable for sale.

We realize that the above contains a lot of information and that you will have questions in the near future. We will follow the current developments and the resulting obligations closely and will inform you in the interim if necessary. If you have any questions in response  to this newsletter, please call your contact person. They will help and guide you as best they can during this mandatory label transition.

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5 ] Technical consequences

OPTION 1: ”What will change for orders via our e-commerce?”


As of 01.May.2021, all articles will be indicated online with renewed label values based on the renewed and stricter European legislation.

The renewed label values will continue to be mentioned in our e-commerce system at the current positioning, near the price of the article.
Next to ‘Fuel Efficiency’, ‘Wet Grip’, ‘Roll Noise’ and ‘Noise Level’, we will add the label values ‘Snow Grip’ and ‘Ice Grip’, as well as the link to an image of the label & link to the EU-page with for example the product data sheet.

For content explanations regarding the renewed tyre label and consequences regarding the current tyre label, we like to refer you to our specially designed web page ‘The renewed European Tyre Label’.

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OPTION 2: ”What will change for orders via an Export file connection?


Because according to the stricter legislation from 01.May.2021 only the renewed label values will be communicated, the lay-out of your Export files will be subject to a change.

The current columns under the headings ‘Fuel Efficiency’, ‘Wet Grip’, ‘Roll Noise’ and ‘Noise level’ will be filled with the new label values as of 01.May.2021.

Further the Export files will be contain new, extra (!) columns. These new columns will be added to the right side of the file, under the headings:  ‘Snow Grip’, ‘Ice Grip’ , ‘EPREL- ID’ end ‘EPREL-link’.

The last two columns are essential as you, as a reseller, are obliged to make a reference to the EPREL database. The unique EPREL ID allows you to retrieve label values and other product information from the European database.

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