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Our latest addition: gripmax suregrip pro sport (uhp)

Gripmax is VDB’s exclusive budget brand in the SUV and 4×4 segment. Gripmax excels in the SUV & 4×4 market. The combination of its wide range and excellent price-quality ratio makes Gripmax a very interesting brand in this niche market.

Recently, the brand has been expanded with a brand new summer tire. The SureGrip Pro Sport for ultra-high-performance vehicles is our latest addition.

Additionally, a unique profile has been added to this sporty label: the Inception A/T. An all-season tire with a long lifespan. The Inception A/T is the first all-terrain tire in this price segment to feature the 3PMSF symbol and is officially accepted as an all-season tire.

The SureGrip Pro Sport:

  • Sporty & modern UHP profile
  • Available in more than 40 SKUs in sizes 18 to 22 inches
  • Expanding to more than 130 SKUs!
  • Excellent label values reflecting the tire’s quality
  • Wet grip: A

The Inception A/T:

  • Robust all-season tire, perfect for all terrains
  • Available in 25 SKUs in sizes 15 to 20 inches
  • Provides good off-road grip in wet and snowy conditions
  • Features the 3PMSF symbol

Our complete Gripmax summer, winter, and all-season range has now grown to a total of 9 profiles and more than 200 SKUs in sizes 10 to 22 inches. The good news is that we continue to continuously develop the brand.