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General Tyre offers tips for safe off-road driving for beginners and experienced drivers

The segment of SUVs and off-road vehicles has been growing in popularity for years. All these vehicles are characterised by their high wheelbase and usually have permanent or switchable four-wheel drive. Unlike on public roads, breakdown assistance is not readily available when driving off-road, which is why off-road beginners in particular should always observe a few basic rules.

Choose off-road tyres
General Tire has traditionally specialised in off-road tyres and is considered an expert in 4×4. Nowadays, many SUVs are factory fitted with on-road tyres, even true off-road vehicles and pick-ups are not always fitted with off-road tyres. Special off-road tyres, such as the Grabber AT3, meet the daily requirements of modern SUVs, pick-up trucks and off-road vehicles with the advantage of excellent grip on all kinds of terrain thanks to the numerous tread edges.

Tyre pressure
The information provided by vehicle manufacturers in their instruction manuals is based on driving on public roads. On rough terrain, reducing the tyre pressure by approximately 10 percent improves contact with the ground. This increases the contact area and grip. On sand, a reduction of 25 to 40 percent is recommended. On very soft surfaces, the pressure can even be reduced by up to 50 percent compared to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Salvage equipment
Always have recovery equipment in the car. This includes: gloves, a hoist, straps or chains, a shovel and in some situations an axe.

Stuck in the mud
If a vehicle is stuck in the mud, there are some simple tricks to help continue the journey. Anything that helps the tyres build traction is useful. Try removing the mud in front of the wheels with a shovel or putting floor mats under the wheels. In case of emergency, it is even possible to use sticks.

General Tire offers a complete range of summer, winter and all-season tyres for passenger cars, 4×4s, SUVs and vans. General Tire tyres are available throughout the Netherlands. More brand and assortment information can be found on the website: