Frans van Lenten, Managing Director of Van den Ban Autobanden (since 2002):

‘Reliable, committed, innovative and future-oriented. That’s how I would describe our company in a few key words.’

‘Van den Ban Autobanden once started out as a family business, which we still are. You can recognise that in the reliability and continuity of the company, but also in the commitment, craftsmanship and loyalty of our employees. We have 99 colleagues who have been working here for 12 years or more. That is very special and valuable. Furthermore, the standards and values of our founder Arie van den Ban still apply within the company.

Nowadays our aim still is to be and remain a reliable partner for our clients. We do not care about single transactions, but about the long-term relationship. A partnership in which we strengthen each other and build the future together. That is what we mean with our mission to be ‘Your Total Tyre Supplier!’. That also applies to our relationship with our suppliers. We have managed to build up a sound and solid relationship with the tyre industry.

We once were pioneers with the first conveyor belts and we now have an unique and progressive logistic system, with tyres ‘almost automatically’ finding their way to the transport vehicles. The central warehouse accommodates  1,4 million tyres and we offer a wide range of products, with over 30 brands. In the VDB group we have 1,6 million tyres in stock. That shows our company’s ambition.

As a company we keep on growing and innovating in a constantly changing market. I am very proud of the fact that we managed to establish ourselves internationally on the tyre market as a leading company. We would like to continue along that path. We want to outperform the market by delivering quality, with and for our clients.’

Frans van Lenten