• A maximum load capacity tyre
  • A harder rubber compound allows for shallower tread depth meaning the movements of the tyre is minimized and reduction in rubber scuffing is achieved.
  • A unique tread design allows for water surface tension to be illuminated and offers exceptional water dispersion.
  • With this tyre there is no need to choose between grip and load carrion capacity, this advanced design offers both.
  • This tread design offers with it greater surface area exceptional lateral force grip.

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Sizes Li/Si Fuel efficiency Wet grip Noise dB Noise Level
145/80-10 84N
155/70-12 104N A B 71 2
195/70-14 96N A B 71 2
185/60-12 104N A B 71 2
195/60-12 104N A B 71 2
195/50-13 104N A B 71 2
195/55-10 98N A B 70 2

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