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Novex stands for “the best alternative”, with a broad range of various sizes and types. Novex has been designated as the flag brand for our company for good reason. Novex is produced by a large and reputable tyre manufacterer in Asia.

The extensive Novex range consists of nine profiles: persons, (Ultra)High Performance, asymmetrical, caravan/trailer, delivery van, winter and 4-season tyres. With more than 175 sizes, the Novex range can be regarded as extremely complete, and the price/quality ratio is competitive. Moreover, we offer broad marketing support for Novex and can offer exclusivity in many ways, which means that Novex is ideal as a private label for our customers.

The range consists of tyres for Passenger cars, (Ultra) High Performance, Vans, Light Trucks and Caravan/Trailer. For more information: visit our website.