Your Total Tyre Supplier!

Our mission is expressed in our slogan ‘Your Total Tyre Supplier!’, which you see in all of our communication. We feel that we have only achieved this goal if we also offer our partners the opportunity to generate better sales results! ‘Your Total Tyre Supplier!’ means more to us than just supplying tyres. To us, it also means that we see our clients as business partners and that we strive to fulfil their needs in order to relieve them of their concerns. Besides fast and accurate delivery at competitive prices, we also believe that we must support our partners in other areas.

We call this ‘Full Service’, which means that our key drivers can be summarised as follows:

  • Extremely broad availability of tyres
  • Competitive prices
  • Professional logistics support
  • 24/7 ordering option through efficient webshop
  • Information provided through our client portal
  • Stock management support
  • Customised IT solutions
  • Support for (local) marketing activities

Clients are our focus and we are only satisfied when you are!


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